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OK. Back in the day we used to include a few comedy songs in our act. Many were cover versions of artists like The Two Ronnies (Jehosophat & Jones) or The Goodies etc. I wrote a few myself and here's the two most popular. If you're easily offended hit the back button now !

Those of you of a certain age may remember Bronco toilet paper. For those who don't let me explain. It was like greaseproof baking paper !

However, at the time we thought it was cutting edge technology. I can remember sitting in my grandad's outside privvy looking at torn up squares of newspaper hanging on a piece of string.

Against that of course this new toilet paper on a roll was wonderful, so here's a song about it, or rather the lack of it.

As for the story about me and the blow up doll, the less said about that the better.

Still here?

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Bronco video

The Dolly Song

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